How We Help


Programmes to Heal

Through a holistic 90 day programme, we help our residents set 3 goals for themselves with definite dates.   The shelter provides holistic healing through yoga, garden therapy, laugh therapy and even equestrian therapy.

A soft skills programme teaches clients anger management, communication and interpersonal skills as well as parenting skills aimed at improving their relationship with their children and the way they interact with them.

The shelter is a multi-faith organisation having both a pastor and sheikh on-call to provide spiritual guidance and upliftment.

Young children are enrolled in our on-site nursery or kindergarten and are counselled through play therapy, allowing them to express their experiences and feelings through a natural self-guided, self-healing process.

Our older children are taken and fetched from from their schools and participate in the shelter’s after-care programmes.

Programmes to educate, uplift and empower

 Those who wish to complete their high school are enrolled in night classes, and are assisted with their studies by staff. (The residents held a Market day with the help of staff and generated enough money to enrol at night school. 3 of them are focussed on completing their schooling and matriculating at the end of 2015.)

Residents are encouraged to visit the shelter library daily and read.  A ‘book club’ meets weekly to share and discuss the books which resonated with them.

A practical skills programme geared towards securing future employment, teaches computer skills, sewing, baking, and jewellery and card making,  effectively equipping residents with skills to enter the job market and become self sustainable.

Where possible women are trained and employed in partner call centres.

The shelter in partnership with the  Muslim AIDS Programme runs HIV/Aids an Abuse programmes to educate residents and communities, and encourage them to provide care and support to those affected by the virus.


With the aim of benefiting women, and society at large, Ihata works to turn resident’s time at the shelter into a productive and sustainable way of life.

Residents, under the guidance of the Skills Officer create beautiful clothing and stitched products made from Shweshwe, a printed dyed cotton fabric widely used for traditional South African clothing. This is The Ihata Clothing Range. Our range is sold to generate income for the sewer and the shelter.

The shelter’s dental and medical suite run by a group of  dentists and oral hygienist who each volunteer two hours of their time every month, provides dental and medical care to residents, their children and other beneficiary organisations. Residents have received training and have the opportunity to assist in the dental suite and gain valuable experience.

A green organisation – Ihata proudly grows most of the herbs and vegetables used in the  home cooked meals prepared everyday. Residents are taught to garden and make compost by means of vermiculture, which uses earthworms to produce nutrient rich compost.


The shelter is home to a dental and medical suite which is run by a group of  dentists and oral hygienist who each volunteer two hours of their time every month, to provide dental and medical care to residents, their children and other beneficiary organisations.

Our nursery and kindergarten services are offered to the surrounding community at a minimal fee.

 Our partnership with Muslim AIDS Program (MAP) allows us to do more to reach the community and educate beneficiaries about HIV/AIDS and related issues.

Last year (2015) we distributed more than 2000 sandwiches to pensioners standing in line at the SASSA office in Gugulethu. In Ramadaan we distributed 600 litres of food and soup to mainly children in the Heideveld community. We further distributed 1000 kiddies goodie boxes to communities in Delft, Mitchells Plain, Heideveld, Gugulethu  and Heinz Park.

For Madiba day , we distributed kiddies goodie boxes to the children at Litha Primary school in Gugulethu. We were deeply inspired by the Management and staff who make a tremendous difference in the life of the underprivileged learners.

We launched AGEM, our Youth Leadership Programme. The youth saw two youth camps and a hike. They have learnt a variety of leadership and life skills.

We partnered with the TLC Hyde Park College to further our advocacy work with youth. We run two weekly sessions and have developed a lifeskills syllabus in-line with advocating a world free of gender based violence as well as encouraging a healthy sense of self.