IMG_1077Ihata Shelter is entirely dependant on funding and donations, without which we are simply unable to offer refuge and shelter to the abused women and children who need it so badly.

Thank you for wanting to donate.

You can choose to deposit directly into our account. Our Banking Details are:

Bank Name:              First National Bank
Account Type:           Cheque
Account No.:              62230658512
Branch Code:             250114 (Vangate)

OR you can contact us directly on  021 638 5578/ to arrange your preferred method of donation.


1930224_19550996409_7795_nWhen you volunteer at Ihata Shelter you do more than just pitch up and help out. To our residents, you’re saying that you respect and consider them worthy, and would like to invest your time, knowledge, expertise and experience in them.  In return, they get to share their lives with you, and both parties leave richer and bigger than before.

Volunteering can takes many forms, from working in our garden or giving our walls a new lick of paint, to teaching us a new programme, showing us how to cook or bake something tasty, conducting a fun class with our kids or training us in a particular skill,  we greatly value every offer and every minute volunteered.

Call or email us on 021 6385578/ and let us know when we can expect you.


YIhata Shelter Kindergarten children playing in the sunou would be amazed at the qualifications or work experience of some of our residents.

The circumstances that lead them to Ihata Shelter, stripped them of so much. But, when you offer them a chance at employment, you help them regain their independence and dignity.

Call or email us on 021 6385578/ and let us know of any job opportunities you can offer them.