IHATA Shelter for Abused Women and Children - Our Work

Love  |  Respect  |  Courage  |  Dignity  |  Honour

Our Mission

To be a well-governed and self-sufficient organization assisting with building an improved society free of gender-based violence, showing daily respect for the dignity and honour of all and render effective sheltering empowerment programmes to domestic violence victims.

Our Vision

To help ALL women affected by domestic violence who seek sanctuary by providing a caring, clean and safe shelter with accommodation up to 6 months. At the Ihata Shelter, women are allowed space and time to plan their lives forward through services geared towards empowerment, improved self-respect, independence and recovery, ending with successful community re-integration.

We want to help these ladies rewrite the script in their heads that says, “I’m not good enough for a healthy relationship” and guide them towards believing that they have value, are worthy, and deserve a good life.

Nuraan Osman


I wake up in the morning with a purpose because I can do something for these women and children. When I was abused, there were always people willing to put their hands out and help me. When I first came here, Ihata helped me and now as housemother, I can help to heal women and children who are in the same situation that I was once in.

Koelsum Garsen


Knowing that each day at work you have worked to make someone else’s life easier or contributed inmaking a vulnerable women or child feel loved. That makes it all worthwhile.

Nuhaa Ismail

Office Manager

Assist us to create a better society and take a stand, speak out, oppose gender-based violence and support victims of domestic violence. Currently, we assist, clothe, counsel, feed, shelter and help uplift forty (40) disadvantaged persons (fifteen abused women with twenty-five young children). Please assist us in our community service.