Our Projects

Our shelter is based in the heart of the Cape Flats.  The programs and projects implemented at our organisation has been tried, tested and a service to our community since our inception.

Our Sponsor

Our vision at Penny Appeal SA is for a safer South Africa for all vulnerable groups and our partnership with Ihata Shelter is the stepping stone leading us towards this being realised.

Thank you to everyone who has supported and continues to support this initiative. Collectively we can empower, uplift and transform the lives of the protected at Ihata Shelter.

Activities of the organisation

Psychosocial Support

The 90-day program, development and implementation of individual development plans and psychosocial support, provision of counseling services, community based reintegration and rehabilitation of substance using women and referrals to other specialized service providers.

Livelihoods support

Provision of sustainable and profitable means of livelihoods, training of Income Generating Activities and financial management, support to women and youth to attain vocational skills and provision of basic lifeskills and other.

Emergency and relief

Provision of food aid, training in food security and agricultural production to vulnerable population groups.


This is a cross-cutting activity in all the programmes of the Ihata Shelter. It is an integrated activity. In addition, the Ihata Shelter supports orphans and vulnerable children by provision of scholastic materials, uniforms and basic materials. There are many OVCs that need support but the financial

capacity of Ihata can not support beyond the current beneficiaries.

Child protection

Education of children, community members children are accommodated and supported

Youth led initiatives on child protection, education of key legal and policy documents to young people, and supporting formal education for Orphans and Vulnerable Children

interactive games and sports among children and youth, development and implementation of peace plans, action plans, and dissemination of Information Education and Communication (IEC) materials to provide education and empowerment.

Reconciliation and reintegration

Training of Parents Support Groups and Youth Support Groups on community building and conflict resolution, ongoing reintegration and re-union with familes of vulnerable or paroled women, community and religious dialogues on traditional cultural and religious discussion around social issues.

HIV/AIDS is mainstreamed into all the core programs of the Ihata Shelter.

Reproductive health

This is done through: Behavioral Change Communication (BCC), awareness and sensitization, guidance and counseling, distribution of Information Education and Communication materials, HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing and community outreach. In partnership with local municipal clinics , we provide access to contraception , pap smears and vaccinations.

Intended future programs

The Ihata Shelter aims to serve as a community nerve centre on the Cape Flats. In light of this we wish to establish:

a) A full time youth development academy for high school dropouts who often act out and join gangs and use substances

b) An advice office where members of the public can access accurate advice, referrals and support for particularly social issues

c)A 24-hour helpline for all victims of gender based violence

d)A rehabilitation facility for women who are substance using (including a prevention program for their children)

e) Additional rooms in the shelter as space for abused women is limited and in high demand

f)An extended sustainable food garden for growing produce to be sold at a weekly market for the financial empowerment of the women resident at the shelter.

Our Projects

Shelter for abused women and their children

Education for abused women and their children

Soup Kitchens for the poor and vulnerable


A youth development academy


A reintegration program for incarcerated women

Counseling and coaching for all who seek it


Job creation and skills development


A food garden and agricultural education

Co-ordination of the victim empowerment program at Manenberg police station

Personal empowerment


Nutritional support for particularly orphans and vulnerable children

Career guidance


Spiritual upliftment


Arts and Crafts


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